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Noemí Pascual’s miniature babies are high-quality unique hand sculpted pieces. They are made in 1/12 scale, or dollhouse scale. Their sizes are around 2 inches.

These little creations are carefully modelled in polymer clay, being then hand painted with acrylics and artist oils. The painting gives them very special skin shades that resemble very realistically those subtle spots, marks and even little veins of real babies’ skin. After several bakings, Noemí applies hair: tiny viscose locks are put on for the little heads to be covered by a light veil of hair, sprouting from the crown downwards, as in real babies. These characteristics, together with the great realism of the sculpting, make that Noemí Pascual’s miniature babies are unique and valued by collectors from all over the world.

Please visit the “Dolls” tab to enter the gallery of babies. You will also find a link to the other website of Noemí, where you could see her adult character dolls. These pieces are also made in 1/12 scale and fully hand sculpted.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy looking at my little sweeties!

OOAK miniature baby dolls hand sculpted in 1/12th scale for dollhouses by IGMA Artisan Noemi Pascual - Bebés en miniatura esculpidos a mano para casas de muñecas, creados por la IGMA Artisan Noemí Pascual.
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